Uninstalled...waiting on new version

I have heavily tested CTM for the past two weeks for several users and myself, and it has helped in a couple of scenarios. The problem we found was that after two weeks, the performance of the machine it was installed on slowly degraded. We only used a based snapshot and no other or if we made changes we want comitted, we just RESET the baseline. These are machine have 7200 RPM drives, 2.4 Core 2 Duo, and 4 GB of RAM machines as a minimum standard. As soon as we uninstalled it, the performance was back to original speed. Also, the boot up was abnormally long - 20-30 seconds longer than it should be.

I will keep an eye on the follow up versions and see if performance will still be an issue. I will also note that all of the machines we uninstalled it from worked fine afterward - none of the reported uninstall problems. the problem with the sub-console uninstall is that it does not remove the COMODO Service in the Services MMC or system - that defintely needs to be fixed.

Hope COMODO improves the CTM performance. It is a good product that can be great.