Uninstalled v3 and reinstalled v2 .

                                              Hi Everyone,

I too installed v3 by updates and experienced some bugs so I Uninstalled v3 and reinstalled v2 .
Comodo has some great products, and the v2 firewall is one of the best. But new versions,usually have bugs that need fixed and the v3 firewall is no expection.
I experienced bugs that crashed the firewall, when I closed the GUI firewall window, when I activated the defense + feature, disappearing tray icons and “faulting application cfp.exe,version1.0.0.1,faulting module…” error messages .
I decided to uninstall because I was worried that the defense + may cause serious problems.
I’m concerned that the defense + could cause issues with drive image back ups, and mounting images .
The v2 firewall works fine, so I will continue with that version, until the v3 version is more stable.
If anyone wants to uninstall the v3 version, and experiences problems doing so, than check out the
Revo Uninstaller Freeware at http://www.revouninstaller.com/. It has a post uninstall scan that removes the left over files and registry keys that you select to remove.