Uninstalled Software Components are still present (List & Registry)

{XP Pro, SP2; Comodo Firewall v2.4.18.184, DB v3.0}
My question is about removing registry entries locked by Comodo.
Those entries belong to components of uninstalled Software.
The following is an example:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall\AppCtrl\Components\White\111]
… and all other dlls for this Application
The particular ones are “fresh” but I found many old ones. I even forgot about using the Software they belong to. Files are wiped out from disk long ago.
Registry Permission(s) set to Everyone Full Control. Adding my Admin permission in order to remove them doesn’t help.
Then I looked into Comodos’s Components List. Entries are still there. Refresh ignores the fact that there are “no such files”. So I removed some manually to no avail – registry entries are still there after the consequent attempt to remove them.
Is there any way to:

  1. really refresh Components List so that refreshing would take in consideration physical evidence of file(s) existence;
  2. release respective registry entries for cleaning up
    Thanks in advance

I know that this has been addressed before, but I would also like to see the “old” stuff disappear once the related software programs or versions of programs are uninstalled.

SiberLynx, I had this problem before only to realize why refreshing the list still shows the deleted registry keys: while having regedit up and at the exact location where CFP stores the list, Windows will store it in memory / on the hard drive. So don’t open regedit or whatever registry editor you use until after your delete the items in Component Monitor and after clicking on the Refresh button.

Hi Soya,

…after your delete the items in Component Monitor and after clicking on the Refresh button…
Let me start from this one. My point was: why should I manually delete those entries? Pressing refresh should be enough.
… refreshing the list still shows the deleted registry keys…
(???) I’m not even sure what do you mean by that but
I think you are misinterpreting my message (probably because of my English :slight_smile:
So I will try again:

  • registry keys are NOT deleted;
  • they are locked; (playing with admin. permission will end with restored Everyone/Full access)
  • software uninstalled;
  • dll files do not exist;
  • Components entries deleted manually (refresh is not working);
  • registry entries still exist. It does not matter do you work with Comodo’s component list at the moment or look into your registry tomorrow :slight_smile:

Oh you mean that. Sorry. Yes. I remember your request for this. I like the idea too, and it’s in the wishlist:

Yep! Exactly.
I hope that refreshing and cleaning obsolete components entries will be done.
For now it will be nice to learn how to remove blocked registry entries.
I don’t like spare things in registry (…paranoia… :SMLR)

Did you try disabling the option to protect registry and files and see if that works? If I’m still not with you on the same page then ignore.

Thanks Soya,
Now I tried - it works.
A lot of shoveling to be done here in order to find dead entries. Components List is huge. I mean - HUGE!
I hope this issue will be addressed soon

I share the same paranoia, but I think of it more like a “clean freakiness”. (:LGH)

It goes:

I have this awful sickness.
They call it “cleaning freakiness”.
And Comodo’s Hero - Soya
Shares the same paranoia.

         [i] by SiberLynx
         (from the collection of his best poems written in English)[/i]

Best regards