Uninstalled comodo internet security premium Beta

uninstalled comodo internet security premium Beta because its still in Beta was using it on my main pc not happy that comodo intenet security beta 2024 does not have valykrie for free now its turned shareware now bought avast security premium expires in february 19,2026 914 days left on it got a very cheap deal on it when i bought it

Hi @mrtrout , CIS 2024 Beta is integrated with Valkyrie, meaning once CIS catches an unknown file, it will send it to Valkyrie and you will always get a verdict for it (malicious or safe)… for FREE…

So user 1807 was lying, a provocateur?


I hate to say but 1807 does post some strange answers and has put conflicting info on a couple of occasions :thinking:

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I got the impression from 1807 that Valkyrie was not included in comodo cis 2024 free Beta or premuim 2024 version coming up & that it was only for Paid versions of comodo if this is not the case i want to use comodo again over avast free or avast security premium i have i had no problems in using comodo internet security premium 2024 Beta on my main pc gonna use it again

Valkyrie is providing 2 kinds of analysis: Automated analysis and human expert analysis.

Automated analysis is being done using static analysis, dynamic analysis, signature based detection, trusted vendor and signature validation, and so on. Automated analysis comes with CIS 2024 and it is FREE… (As it was on previous versions of Comodo Internet Security)

However, we also have an expert malware analyst team where they reveal the most sophisticated attack vectors. This is called “human expert analysis” which is the last layer in Comodo’s detection chain.

While most of the detections can be done through automated analysis, some very sophisticated attacks bypass traditional detection methods, where our expert analyst team comes into play…

To conclude, only human expert analysis part is “paid”, other than that, you can use Valkyrie Verdicting System for free.

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