uninstalled Comdo Antivirus and stilll can't operate exe files

Not sure where to put this and can’t find the answer. I recently downloaded the free antivirus and then scanned my computer. I must have hit something wrong but I blocked the exe file for a Ubisoft game. After having no luck unlocking it. I uninstalled the software, and tried to reinstall the ubisoft game but it’s still “missing” the exe file. Not happy about this at all. The game played pefectly fine minutes before the download. What do I need to do to fix this and why did it happen? (first question is most important)


If it’s missing the .exe, you didn’t just block the file, you deleted it. Any delete function from within CAV will ask if you are sure you wish to delete something.

Reinstalling the game should fix it. If not, does the installer have a ‘repair’ function?

You could also try downloading Recuva, and see if it is able to recover the .exe, although the act of downloading may overwrite the file.

As to why it happened, if you yourself don’t know what you did, you can’t possibly expect us to know what you did.

May be it got quarantined and got lost after you uninstalled CAV.

Best thing to do is to reinstall the game or run the repair function of the installer when present like HeffeD suggests.