Uninstalled before update ?


Please: I would like to update to —> 3. 0. 14. 276

My version now is ----> 3. 0. 13. 268

Do I need to unintalled, before downloading the last version of Firewall Comodo ?

Also: ???¿why in my actual version —>Miscellaneus → Check for Updates -->There are no updates available? …when there is now the version —>3. 0. 14. 276 ? :-\

Note: sorry for my bad english.

Thank you!

Hi kikeman. welcome to the forums.

My advice would be to download the full version of (not the patch). Uninstall your old version, reboot, then install the new version.

Updates are not working right now, so disable that feature.

(:HUG) Thank you! and congratulations for your help, experience, and knowledge!