Uninstalled Because of Stealth Ports issue now the ports remained stealth!!

I stealthed my ports thinking that there would be an option to undo. I had added a port to my port sets and thought that would allow traffic through. When it didnt I couldnt find a way to undo Stealth Ports so I uninstalled commodo thinking I would reinstall it with the normal settings but now I find even with it uninstalled all my incoming connections are still being blocked somehow? everything was working correctly before i stealthed ports.

i knew that something was funny, i didnt think it could be commodo since it was uninstalled, but somehow windows firewall kept up blocking the connections when commodo was uninstalled and reinstalled. i was able to open the ports up by disabling windows firewall. i tried creating exceptions for incoming to be allowed on the port for the program in windows firewall but that didnt help. only afted i completely disabled the firewall did it help. So why did windows keep up doing this if the program was uninstalled or how did it happen? this makes no sense to me.

this problem only occurred after doing the stealth ports i had never touched windows firewall before that and the program was working correctly. so i guess mods can close this, delete it, or leave it open to see if someone has any idea wth is going on here…

well it was working for a matter of seconds, now its back to 0, i have reinstalled commodo, but it was reinstalled when it worked for a few seconds… this is becoming rather annoying, any light anyone can shed on this issue would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about the problems you are having.

To help us try and resolve your issue, would you mind providing a little more information.

Are you using a router?
Which ports are being blocked?
Is CIS currently installed, if so please post screen shots of your Application and Global firewall rules
Is the Windows firewall disabled?

using netgear router…port is forwarded

I reinstalled CIS…it is not logging that it is blocking the connections (after i uninstalled comodo i cleaned my registry to make sure i got a clean install, not sure if that could cause a problem)

windows firewall is currently disabled

im trying to use port 6889 for p2p connections via halite, i included a screenshot of it also, you can see bottom left hand side that the transfer for upload is 0

thanks for the help toggie :slight_smile:

( to the moral police: I own that album in vinyl :stuck_out_tongue: )


i restored my registry to b4 i did stealth ports, no change.
i then uninstalled and reinstalled halite to ensure this wasnt the problem but no change.
i tried creating a rule to allow in/out tcp/udp for that port nothing
whats weird is comodo shows that there are 0 incoming 0 outgoing even while im downloading ???



i did system restore b4 the comodo device driver installation point and was able to get it working.

I haven’t used Halite, but I assume it has the same requirements as other torrent clients. That being so, you will have to create one or more Global rules to allow inbound communication.

In most cases creating the following should suffice:

Allow TCP or UDP IN
Source Address = ANY
Destination Address = ANY
Source Port = ANY
Destination Port = Your Defined Halite Port.

It’s possible you may also need some rules for ICMP, but try this first and see what happens.