Uninstallation problem and a screwed up Security Center

I was thinking of testing out Agnitnum’s Outpost Firewall since I was so worn out from Comodo’s Defense+.

I uninstalled Comodo Pro using the default ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS window. Then it prompted me to reboot.

Reboot I did, then it was here when the problems began. Nothing out of the usual, just that I see the message in the SECURITY CENTER that I was running more than one firewall (which is not recommended by Windows).

At that moment I was bewildered as what might have caused the trouble. Comodo was gone from the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS list and all I had on that was Comodo related was BOCLEAN.

I turned off Windows Firewall and the Firewall tab told me that Comodo Firewall was protecting me.

This is the oddest problem I’ve ever encountered.

Any solution would be appreciated. *sigh. >:(

This is a common Windows problem and not directly related to Comodo. Keep in mind Comodo is free and Outpost cost money. What’s the problem with D+? If you are on XP simply go to run and type “services.msc”. Then find the WMI service ( Windows Management Instrumentation) and stop the service. Then go to to C/Windows/System32/wbem and delete the repository folder and reboot. If you Google Windows security center you will find tons of articles about this.

Thanks for the reply. Let me clarify…

I have not installed or even executed that Agnitum’s Outpost yet. I’ve uninstall BOCLEAN and deleted the PROGRAM FILE folder (Comodo) and ran a registry scan with CCleaner.

I rebooted… twice. Now Comodo still shows in the Security Center, and when I attempt to install it again it tells me that I have OutPost on my computer. There is NO trace of Comodo and Outpost ANYWHERE on my computer.

There’s not really any problem with D+, just the constant prompts that worn me out.

And also, what about the “services.msc” will that resolve the problem?

Thanks Vett.

I get no alerts from D+ unless I install something new. I run Comodo on 2 pc’s and no pop ups. Once Comodo learns all your programs then you will not get any alerts. Where you always getting alerts for the same program or was they new alerts all the time? Did you try training mode and reading this sticky note? https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/games_application_installation_comodo_firewall_pro_3-t24179.0.html

If you follow my instructions it will fix the security center.

So CFP is REQUIRED to be installed on a CLEAN PC?

What should I do about the PENDING FILES? Just leave them there?

Also, I did NOT see any topics or any info on uninstallation. :frowning:

When you install Comodo, the most recent version it asks you if you want to run a scan and if your pc is clean. Pending files just purge and remove them. I thought you uninstalled Comodo? There is sticky about uninstalling Comodo but only if you cannot uninstall it. Read here. Are you having any problems with Comodo now? Did you reinstall it?


I cannot install another firewall because Security Center will “■■■■■ up” telling me that there are more than two firewalls active.

I installed Comodo again. However, upon installation it told me that Outpost was install. Heck, it’s not even on my computer.

And when I rebooted, I ran a Diagnostic test and it told me that there were some errors. I attempted to fix it and it was UNSUCCESSFUL. I couldn’t produce a log either.

Ok you told me that you tried to install Outpost. It most likely put some temp files on your pc. Try finding them or running CCleaner to delete them. Delete any traces of Outpost. Instead of reinstalling and uninstalling things which is making matters worse lets fix your real problem. Why didn’t you do what I said about the Windows Security Center fix and deleting the repository folder? Download Revo Uninstaller and use it to uninstall Comodo. When you run Revo Uninstaller use the advanced option to uninstall Comodo and when Comodo says reboot, dont and click next on Revo and delete the left over registry and program entries it finds. Then reboot. Run CClreaner registry cleaner and delete those entries it finds. At this point you should have no firewall installed at all. Be sure to delete any traces of Outpost. Again use CCleaner to clean out temp files. Do what I said about deleting the repository folder and reboot. Do not install anything until the Security Center shows no firewall active. Sometimes after rebooting it takes a couple of minutes then you should have a red x in your task bar showing you have no firewall on. One other choice is to perform a System Restore back to before you had this problem. The security center is not ■■■■■■■ up. You just need to rebuild the repository folder.

Actually no. I’m not trying to install it. Comodo tells me that Outpost is installed when it is not. I just had the .exe file of Outpost Free. I’m not so familiar with the “services.msc” or the repository folder so I’ll leave it alone.

I have REVO installed, so I’ll uninstall it.

If you should uninstall Comodo, Windows default firewall will take it’s place. I don’t know about System Restore, since I had Comodo on for a long time.

Another problem was the when I reinstalled… (I did not uninstall with REVO yet) it was successful, however I ran the diagnostic test and it told me that there was a error. I couldn’t fix it nor produce a log.

Im confused. If you uninstalled Comodo successfully what diagnostic test are you running? What is it called? You NEED to do what I said about the Security Center. its very easy. I am trying to help you so lets do this step by step. Are you currently running a firewall?

Alright, let me clarify…

I have uninstalled Comodo first. And I have not installed any other firewall. However, when I uninstalled and rebooted, Windows Security Center still shows that Comodo is active when Comodo Pro is uninstalled.

I have not ran REVO yet. Thinking that reinstalling Comodo may help I did. It was successful, and I ran a DIAGNOSTIC test using the tools from MISCELLANEOUS in Comodo Pro. That was when I received a error, that there were some trouble with the installation. CFP prompted me to fix it, I did, however it was unsuccessful, and it asked me if I wanted to produce a diagnostic log, which didn’t work either.

I have Comodo running currently and have not ran REVO.

Ok lets do this. Open up Revo and let it uninstall Comodo in “advanced” mode. When Comodo is done uninstalling it will prompt you to reboot. DO NOT reboot at this time. Just click no on Comodo. Then click next on Revo and delete the registry and program entries it finds. Then reboot. Use CCleaner registry cleaner and reboot. You now should have no firewall running. Let Windows be running for awhile ( about 5 min) then open up the Security Center and see if it shows Comodo there. If the Security Center is clear of any firewall you should have a red “x” in your task bar along with a warning balloon tip telling you that you have no firewall running. If this is not the case then go to Start/run and type “services.msc”. Then once that open the Windows Services area go down to the bottom and fins the WMI service ( Windows Management Instrumentation) and stop it. When you stop it you will get a warning about the security center. Ignore it and stop the service. Then go to C/Windows/System32/wbem and delete the repository folder and reboot. After you reboot the Security Center should say no firewall installed or running. Then download and install the latest Comodo or if you want Outpost.

*sigh, who ever knew a simple uninstallation was just that simple. You’re a lifesaver Vet, lols. Thanks so much for your help. A simple ADVANCED uninstall did it.

I’m glad you’re here to share your knowledge.

Thanks again,


Your welcome. What about the security center? Is that fixed?

Yes, the Security Center is fixed and it shows only one firewall (ZA Free). Thanks again.

Just another question… is CFP related in anyway to “port forwarding”?

Port forwarding is for hardware firewalls. Why on Earth are you using Zone Alarm free. You might as well just open up your pc to every hacker in the world. Zone Alarm free does nothing. It is as bad as Windows Firewall.

I had installed quick heal anti-virus and comodo free firewall V3.0.25.378
I tried to install a free anti-virus program since quickheal anti-virus subscription ends shortly.
The installation was done when both quickheal and comodo were active.
So the installation hung in the last when message was "removing backup files’.
I tried to reboot the system but the system hung and did not function.
With a pre-installation Windows XP CD i boot into the system and deleted the quickheal and comodo program files.
Now I was able to function. And installed the anti-virus but could not do so with comodo.
When I try to re-install it says “Comodo already installed.Want to Unistall” If I click ‘Yes’ nothing happens.
What shall I do to trouble shoot and successfully re-install the comodo firewall.
Please help.

Wow…I never heard of quick heal nor would I ever use it. So what your saying is that you were running Quick heal and Comodo then you tried to install another av without uninstalling Quick heal? You cannot run 2 av’s. You say you deleted them. Do you mean you uninstalled them? You cannot just delete a program. It needs to be uninstalled. See here to uninstall Comodo completed. You can skip everything and simply run the batch file attached at the bottom of USSS first post.


Thanks a lot.
I went through line by line.
Now I have installed comodo firewall again.
Thanks again