uninstallation of CFP required by Kaspersky AV install

I just wanted to give Kaspersky Anti-Virus a try today, but during the install I got prompted to uninstall Comodo Firewall; the setup wouldn’t go further otherwise, as the next button in Kaspersky setup was grayed out, and the remove button for incompatible software was active.

(don’t take into account the prompt to uninstall Avast, which is normal and doesn’t bother me. Just thought I could deactivate Avast shield temporarily to try Kaspersky), so people please don’t tell me that two anti-virus shouln’t be installed together, cause I ■■■■■■ know it.

I’m on XP SP2. Well I suppose the workaround is to install Kaspersky first, and then CFP :SMLR
And I certainly won’t blame CFP for this, as the issue obviously comes from Kaspersky.

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Yes, you are correct in that KAV needs to be installed first. If you haven’t seen the thread below for removing CFP completely, please take a look at it:

It’s hard to say which application really is to blame for your issue. It might be a combination of both KAV and CFP or all three, including Avast. In my book, everyone is guilty until proven innocent, LOL.