uninstallation issue

i made a stupid mistake while restoring my c system drive from a crash, i backed up the c drive then removed comodo and backed up my d drive. so i installed Norton (i thought at that time that comodo could have caused the crash) and Norton showed issues scanning with right click files, i uninstalled it, reinstalled comodo and ran with it for a while, after that i started to notice it had a serious delay displaying notifications after a virus was detected and stopped, also right clicking on the icon and the button right screen and disabling the firewall or antivirus did nothing or at least had a serious delay on it as well (going to advance settings did not show any issues). i uninstalled comodo and installed norton back, now norton still seems to have errors sometimes on right click scanning objects, the support faq there directed me to make sure my account had administrator privileges, restarting the computer seem to fix the issue (at least for a while)

the only thing i can think can be causing this is that comodo is not fully uninstalled, can you help me?

I would suggest to completely uninstall Norton and CIS. After having run the uninstaller for both programs use the Geekbuddy removal tool in Safe Mode to remove all traces of CIS.

When in Safe Mode run the Norton Removal Tool. You can find a link to the tool here: ESET Knowledgebase .

If you have had other security programs installed in the past please run their clean up tools as well.

Now you should have a clean slate.

i noticed the uninstaller tool is for cis v5, are you sure it will work for v7?

Good catch. I updated my notes with the proper download link for Geekbuddy removal tool .

I will also update my previous post to prevent possible confusion.

grate! i also noticed the bug fixes at the new version of comodo had listed some of the issues i experienced as fixed, so i will probably go back to comodo very soon seen this is not an uninstallation issue.

you may also want to update this topic: https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/uninstaller-tool-for-comodo-products-t71897.0.html;msg511531#msg511531