Hello all:

I am running vista premium 64 bit os HP oem

I installed cis Firewall only option about 3 months ago. Dont remeber version at that time. The uninstall seemed to go ok, and reported successful. I still had to delete leftover files and folders, and with that being done, I thought it (cfp) to be gone. Now it appears to load a very large filter system directly from the registry, about 11,000 entries blocked/allowed settings, that are active. There are no comodo files hidden or otherwise on my system that I can find. No cmdagent.exe or cfp.exe or any helper files. I can confirm that in system security it shows comodo firewall as active. Now, is there a way to unload this huge filtering system from my registry, without having to reinstall the OS? HP recovery set is too picky about hardware upgrades to be of any use, yuk anyway, too much shovelware. I do have a backup, just before the uninstall of comodo, so I could go back to that. I just want to get rid of everything comodo related everywhere, so It will quit blocking things with that filter it loads from the registry.

What should I do?

Hey djofamusk :slight_smile:

This is the complete method for CIS uninstallation. It will get rid your computer of any trace of Comodo Internet Security.

Guide starts now

Exit CIS by right clicking tray icon, and clicking ‘Exit’ → Click ‘Yes’ at the prompt.

Uninstall CIS using Revo Uninstaller and use the ‘Advanced’ uninstallation method. Let the uninstaller run.

If the uninstaller prompts you for a reboot, click ‘No’.

Click ‘Next’. Delete any remaining Comodo-related registry entries and files found by Revo.

Reboot (very important!)

Download the CIS Cleanup Batch File and run it.


Clean your system of temp/junk files with a program like CCleaner.

Guide ends now

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick response Beanie :slight_smile:

I have Revo, but it unfortunately does not support 64bit OS at this time. Also I can’t exit CIS because I have already uninstalled it. I do have the CIS cleanup batch file as posted by ragwing, however not certain of using it because it was intended for 32bit winxp. I suppose it could be adapted, but there are big differences in 32bit to 64.

When I use jv16pt it shows about 11,153 comodo registry entries, many of them protected and unable to delete in normal mode. Well I let it delete what it could after backing up the reg, but had to put it back, as it disable my internet connectivity. So here I am looking for a way to keep this large registry only based filter from loading. I have not tried safe mode yet, but will if the pro’s here think it may work.

There are no comodo programs or services starting with windows at this time, only the firewall filter that loads from the registry.


This is an update to my own post, maybe it will help someone.

I read in another post about someone having trouble reinstalling cpf, citing some trouble with the files cmdguard.sys and cmdhlp.sys. WTH, so I did a search with the new words and found them in windows\system32\drivers folder. I started in safe mode and went to the above folder and attempted to rename these two files, found it odd, that it wouldn’t let me. It did however let me move them to a newly created folder, from where it did let me rename them. Upon reboot into normal mode all my previously blocked programs were now able to access the internet. (they were portable apps, firefox etc…) So now at least everything is working just fine, now that I’ve stopped this huge filter from loading. Last remaining problems are window security still says comodo firewall is still active (even tho it’s just a limp rag) and the registry still contains all 11,000 plus useless entries. They should be safe to delete now I would think. What’s your take on this guys?

Well, first I would make a suggestion in the original post about the CIS Cleanup Batch File for a 64-biit version :wink:

About the Firewall filter loading on startup. Have you tried using AutoRuns?

It lists absolutely EVERYTHING that loads when your PC boots. Have a root around in there for anything Comodo related, and simply uncheck the box next to it :wink:

I use it myself, it’s a fantastic tool.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: