Help! How can I uninstall this terrible program? It was recommended to me by a friend, but I bitterly regret the advice to install it. If it runs, it slows my computer down to a crawl - web pages take forever to load and I cannot upload photographs. It is disgraceful that the program even blocks any attempt to remove it by my doing a system restore to a date before its installation. It seems that I may have no alternative but to reformat my hard drive. I am not a happy bunny (:AGY) :-TD (L) (NOT!)

Before you post a comment like this be sure to read all the posts under "important topics. All the info you need to use Comodo is right in front of you. If you take time to better understand whats going ob then you will see there is nothing wring with Comodo. You do not have to reformat. Thats absurd. Comodo doesn’t have a web shield so it goes not slow down web page loading. Make your current web browser(IE or FF) a web browser under firewall rules. Take time and read the help file system.