Uninstall Time Machine

I forgot the user name and password for Time Machine – how can I recover them to uninstall the product? Unfortunately I get all the time a screen to input the user name and password and it goes no further to uninstall Time Machine without it.

me too. it would have been my windows logon…i think its messed up

I think you can fix mbr and then uninstall ctm.

Hopefully it helps.

ok. i just reinstalled it, removed it, then got a bsod…but it let me uninstall it…bet it was the mbr…just did last known good and had smarty uninstaller kill the rest of time machine

No offensive but how could you resintall it and remove it when you forgot the ctm username and password

i have problem same…i forget the username and password.so the program can not use or uninstall.also they dont let the windows system restore…i try to fix it in the regedit,but no choice to do it

what can i do???

I think you can fix mbr with windows recovery console and then uninstall ctm.

Hopefully it helps.

Yes, and suggest u backup data first and then fix mbr.

time machine program dont let to recover pc…we have to find another way…

good question. i forgot to mention that…it didnt ask or make me add one…in the end it still wasnt really uninstalled…ended up flushing and filling my machine

Hi, v941726

suggest you backup data first, then fix mbr with windows recovery console.
After restart OS, you can uninstall ctm.

Hopefully it helps.

yeah. i forgot how to fix mbr in win 7 from the command prompt…recovery console is gone in win 7. i needed a flush and fill anyway. but thanks

i have my machine ready to flush and fill at a moments notice w/o performing tedious backups…i can be back and fully functional in a little over an hour with not a thing lost…probably quicker than a restore…

its still something to be looked at by devs i think…cuz newbs and grannys wont have that luxury like us

What do I have to do to fix the MBR? The computer runs fine except the password I know I gave Time Machine is not working.

Culzephyr, do yourself a favor and read this topic : https://forums.comodo.com/help-ctm/username-and-password-t70504.0.html

p.s. try hitting ‘Home’ key at bootup and entering your password on CTM’s bootup console, if username is required input “Administrator” as username !