Uninstall third party anitvirus [Resolved]

During the install of Comodo Antivirus, it warned to uninstall other third party anti-virus software. I was wandering what is incompatible, and if there are exceptions like ClamWin Antivirus which functions mostly as a simple scanner. I was wandering why other antivirus programs do not give this warning. I also did not know if this warning is also meant for other protection software like Spyware scanners, or all differing levels of antivirus or different firewalls. Mostly I would like to use Comodo Firewall and Antivirus products as well as Ad-aware for spyware and possibly Spybot, and Clamwin because of its power as a scanner. Is this ok to do? What combinations are ok? Also, what is Comodo Antivirus’s compatiblily with AVG AV? Thanks for your help.

Hi FTh,

You shoudn’t run two software personal firewalls at the same time,

and you shouldn’t run two anti-virus programs with real time protection enabled. It’s okay to use one with real time and as many more as you want with real time protection (if any) disabled, for on demand scans only.

The same goes for HIPS if you use any. However you can of course use one firewall, one resident AV, and one HIPS, at the same time.

Conflict or noticeable performance loss is not assured when you use more than one, but it can very likely happen.

As for “anti-spyware” and similar programs, they’re designed to be used along with AVs so they don’t usually conflict. Most times you can even use more than one of these with real time protection if you really want. But anyway not causing conflicts is always up to the software itself, some may be more problematic than others.

Thanks a lot Japo, That clears things up

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