uninstall the antivirus but keep the firewall


i want to uninstall the comodo antivirus but keep the comodo firewall. is this possible?
if yes, how can i do?


Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > Begin to uninstall CIS > Click Next, Click Change, untick “Install COMODO Antivirus” and then click Next… the rest I do not know since I personally don’t want to go further but I think you can figure it out.

Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)-Comodo Help

thank you, i won’t do it immediately, i’m going to wait the uninstallation in case a fix can be found for my problem.

Ok im going to uninstall it.

Can you tell me if the virtual desktop and the sandbox functions will be uninstalled also or they aren’t part of the antivirus?

If they are uninstalled, what will happen to programs and files contained in these areas (with the quarantine ones)?


Hi ahahah,
I just tested this to be certain.

  1. I manually quarantined some test files.
  2. I uninstalled CIS completely.
  3. I can confirm that the quarantine folder and contents were removed from the system.
    Note: Uninstalling the AV component only (Leaving the FW) does not remove the quarantined items.

Kind regards.