Uninstall question

Just started using Comodo firewall, after ditching Kerio. Have been reading the posts from users with uninstall problems.

Has the problem been resolved, or is it still on going? Wish I had read those posts first.


The only uninstall issues of which I am aware that were directly related to the FW, were with a version from earlier in 2006. This version (along with their AV) was built with an installer by InstallShield; this installer caused numerous problems on uninstall, and prompted Comodo to build and use their own custom installer.

It also prompted numerous posts about how to uninstall CPF (at that time it was ‘Comodo Personal Firewall’ rather than ‘Comodo Firewall Pro’). Since that time (which was before version 2.4 ever came out), there are no directly-related uninstall issues as far as I know.

There are issues wherein Windows Security Center (WSC) does not always properly update itself after uninstalling CFP. These are easily resolved by rebuilding the repository (for which there is a batch file available here in the forums); this issue is not particular to this firewall, but to Windows, and happens with other security applications as well.

There are sometimes issues where a user uninstalls and reinstalls CFP, and gets a message that it’s already installed. This is typically due to a couple of legacy registry keys remaining. Uninstalling in Safe Mode will generally avoid this. If it does occur, removing those entries from the registry resolves the issue. Unfortunately, this is true of any software in Windows, and will become more prevalent (in my opinion) the more that applications are installed deeper into the system (which is done to reduce the system drain, increase protection, etc).

There are also sometimes conflicts with other software or hardware configurations that can cause odd issues difficult to resolve. Again, this can occur with any software, and is more likely to occur if other software is actively running (especially security software) during installation or uninstallation of the firewall. Again, the use of Safe Mode can help (although it’s not 100% guarantee).

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the answer, to my query Little Mac.

Not a problem at all, binnda ~ glad to help!