Uninstall problems

i had to uninstall comodo, after my computer stopped while running the comodo scan. since then i cannot get a connection to the internet. i have a broad band connection which is open, but it is impossible zu connect to the host/server, as well as receiving my mail through windows live mail. what can i do to fix this?


now i re-installed COMODO and avoided a scan and the machine is running smoothly again. and i have unfettered access to the internet :BNC

Borrowing this thread.

I have major problems uninstalling Comodo firewall. Sometime last year it appears that my son would do me a favour and install this software on my computer and then neglecting to tell me.

So I have been running two firewalls for a year with all the problems it has made for me.
Now I shut down the other firewall and the security centre tells me that Comodo Firewall Pro are running.
I cant uninstall it, there are nothing at all in the folder. I deleted the folder and manually removed every reference to comodo in the register. Still shows up in security centre.
I reinstalled it and uninstalled it, every thing worked during uninstall.
It STILL shows up in security centre.
I cant think of anything short of a format to fix this stupidity. Can you help me please?