Uninstall problems.

Ive had this for a while now with no problems, but then i restarted my computer, i tried clicking on the task icon but nothing came up ( need to disable the firewall a second ) so i restarted.

The task icon was not there but the processes tab in ctrl + alt + delete said CFP.exe was running, i could not turn this off ( access denied )

So now im stuck with a problem, trying to use a program i desperatly need to use but Comodo blocking this program and not being able to shut it down.

I tried countless times opening it up ( through folders, Start - All programs, Run, the lot ) but nothing came up.

Restarting did not help one bit, i then tried uninstalling or reinstalling but everytime i tried NOTHING came up, i just confirmed the uninstall or reinstall… waited… nothing.

I redownloaded it, Control panel uninstalling, All programs uninstall. Nothing, this thing is driving me insane.

Now i used msconifg in run and disabled the autorun when restarting.
I restarted, it didnt come up in ctrl+alt+delete so i was finally on my way to dealing with this, until… I STILL CANT OPEN THE FILE.

It seems to be magically blocking the file from beyond the grave. Now i cannot uninstall it, delete it, close it, open it, i cannot do anything.

Please, someone help?

EDIT: i was actually going to buy this until this happened. how can i trust this will not happen again?


I have no idea on what cause this problem, but if you need help with the uninstallation (removal of files and registry entries), go here.
You said that you haven’t had this problem before, so can you remember if you did any big change to your system when this started to happen (like installing something)?
Also, before you uninstall, try to remove all startup entries for CFP3, as the files can’t be removed when in use.
Hopefully, someone else knows how to fix this, or else, the developers will most likely fix this, so that you can use a future build :wink:


I did not install anything, i just wanted to disable the firewall for a second, so i did, i put it back on. Then after that i could not touch the icon, so i restarted and thats when it started. Thanks for the reply i will surely try this now.

I can’t seem to turn Comodo off after the problems ive faced.
Here is a short screenshot:


Now, as far as i can see cfp.exe is comodo but, i cannot turn it off, i cannot open it ( task bar button does not appear ) i can not process delete it ( access denied apparently, yes i am the admin )

I cannot uninstall it ( window does not come up )

Now the problem is i need to turn it off, but i cannot. If anyone can help please do, i will be extremely greatful.

Have a great evening - Commune

Did you try the link Ragwing sent you for a complete uninstall?

Thats the problem. i cant uninstall it in the first place in order to get to that step.

Hi Commune ,
Try to rename cmdguard.sys (located under x:\windows\system32\drivers folder) to something like cmdguard.sys.tmp temporarly. If successful, reboot computer. After reboot you should be able to kill/delete anything.
If you cannot rename that file in normal mode try to rename it from safe mode.

It seems you denied some critical system’s process upon alert or password protected CFP. Can you remember something like this?
Also what are your system and actively running apps?

I am running Xp Sp.2 x32.

I don’t think it would be much help because for some reason Comodo is now running even though there is no CFP.exe in the processes. Quite astounding.

I see three important clues to your problem in your system’s screenshot.

First clue: in the first pane on the left, are you also running Norton Internet Security on your system?

Second clue: Windows Security Center reports that you are running multiple anti-virus applications. Even though they may be turned off or disabled, having more than ONE anti-virus application on a system is asking for nothing but headaches. What is likely happening is that you may still have remnants of previously-installed security applications that are being detected by the Windows Security Center. If any of those applications include Norton and/or Symantec – in addition to Norton Internet Security that apparently is now installed – you have a very serious problem on your hands. Fortunately, Symantec makes available very good standalone removal tools for their products.

Third clue: In the Task Manager pane on the far right, I see “ccsvchost.exe” running as a process. This is probably a kernel-based hook into your OS from Norton Internet Security. If so, killing this process – if that is even possible – might allow you to uninstall other remnants of CFP. This, however, might require what is known as a “Clean Boot”, which differs from “Safe Mode.”

The bigger problem, though, may be your overall security scheme.

It is likely that you will need to perform a major clean-up of the other security applications you have running on your PC. I am a hard-core advocate of layered security, but simultaneously running multiple anti-virus programs AND combination AV-Firewall suites is very poor practice and can actually increase your system’s vulnerability to outside threats.

Some users may be able to run their systems for awhile under such configurations. But at some point, performance will suffer (best case) or your system may become unusable (worst case). As programs are installed and removed, certain DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) and drivers from various vendors may be introduced that do not co-exist well together – or at all. Some DLLs are co-dependent; that is, for one DLL to function properly, it may require the presence of one or more other DLLs. If one of the DLLs is removed or becomes corrupted, the remaining DLLs may cause problems that are very difficult to detect and troubleshoot. This may be occurring on your system as well.

Based on the limited information furnished in this thread so far, yours appears to be such a case.

It would be easier for me to recommend that you (1) attempt to roll back your system to a previous System Restore point or (2) boot into Safe Mode and choose “Last Known Good Configuration.”

Unfortunately, it’s not going to be that easy. I would set aside half a day and remove all of your security applications. Then install ONE anti-virus program, ONE firewall, ONE dedicated anti-spyware product and perhaps a dedicated anti-Trojan application. In your particular case, I would recommend staying away from integrated AV-Firewall suites from Norton/Symantec.

OMG USSS I didn’t even see that in the screen shots. Or atleast I wasn’t paying attention. Why are you using Comodo if you have NIS? if you uninstalled NIS you better use this.

I actually just installed NIS because i was about to uninstall Comodo ( its the trial NIS )
I actually only have one antivirus at the minute, i just uninstalled AVG so that fixed that problem, i have disabled NIS firewall because for some reason Comodo is always running whether its on or off…

Yesterday night, for about 6 hours since i made the thread until around 2am i sat down and deleted all my security ranging from Avast to Zonealarm.

So i’m finally clean, the only pieces of security on my computer now are NIS and Comodo, Comodo does not like to budge, ive found something out though.

After clicking CFP.exe in about a few hours it usually comes up and everything works fine but… waiting a few hours when i turn my computer on to get protection isn’t really what i would call protection.

Uninstalling it is the same problem, after clicking uninstall it usually takes a good 3-4 hours until it comes up so i guess ill just wait and play some other game until i can uninstall Comodo.

Also i would jus tlike to add all my other programs and uninstalling of programs are instant, but Comodo likes to wait a few hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help.

ok, i am honestly going mad here.

I can’t turn it off, its driving me insane, i have spenta bout 10 hours trying to fix this.

EDIT: Ok i posted a screenshot of the current problem im having.

NIS is the only security i have at the minute and the firewall is turned on because Comodo is somehow running:

So Comodo is running yet i dont want it to, i cannot uninstall it because when running the Setup i downloaded and clicking UNINSTALL nothing comes up.

I cannot open it because my cfp.exe in all programs and program files/Comodo has disapeared. Really stuck on what to do.
Ive tried uninstalling it in Control panel, add and remove. But nothing comes up.

Any help?

Good morning :smiley:

I don’t see cpf in your task manager anyone more. Have you tried to rebuild your repository folder?

How do I do that?

Go to run and type “services.msc”. Then once that pops ups up go to the WMI service. Windows Management Instrumentation and stop the service. Then go to C\Windows\System32\Wbem and delete the repository folder and reboot.

currently posting on my Iphone in town. Will try when I get home.
What will this do? Allow me to shutdown Comodo?

Ok I just got back and that did nothing thanks though

I can’t see cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe running, so download the batch file from here and run it.


All i see is WMI performance. It’s already stopped ( on manual )

EDIT: Also deletion of the wbem folder is denied?

You fixed it! Oh my god i love you so much /kiss /hug /snog

You are the greatest man ALIVE! Thankyou so much and everyone who tried to help, you are all so brilliant (:CLP)