Uninstall Problem

i wanted to try the new defence + function so i uninstalled comodo and installed it again then restarted windows,after that comodo didnt work…

then i uninstalled comodo and installed it without rebooting , after that i rebooted my com and it didnt work so i tried uninstalling it but i couldnt please help

this might sound confusin but i hope you can understand thanks =)

What OS are you using?
Have you tried uninstalling from safe mode (F8 during boot)?

yes i did it came up with an error :

ERROR: Could not load C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cfpres.dll . Please check if application installation folder has this file. Aborting application

i checked the file and couldnt find the file…

EDIT : I fixed it by deleting the folder and the reg keys