uninstall problem with CPF and Windows Security Center...

hi. i recently had to uninstall and re-install the most recent version of CPF ( and i noticed it does not remove itself from the windows security center (windows xp home edition sp2) when it is uninstalled. is tech support aware of this problem?

luckily i found the batch file on this forum that can be used to re-set the windows security center when CPF is uninstalled. (and re-installed), but i am hoping this will no longer be a problem in future versions.

has anyone else experienced this problem? btw…aside from that glitch, this is the best version of CPF yet!

Hi Philbee
I think this is more of a windows problem than cpf.
I’ve seen this same problem crop up in a number of other forums.


thank you for your reply. good thing i have that batch file which resets the security center, otherwise i would have a problem if i ever needed to uninstall cpf, when they release cpf 3.0 for instance, and i want to do a clean install.

Yes, it’s a handy little file.
A lot of users find the manual reset a little difficult.