Uninstall Issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently had to do the unpleasant switch from Comcast to RoadRunner, and in the process, I was asked to install the new EZ security suite. I did not know that two firewalls could not peacefully coexist on the same system…I do now.
I realised I should probably uninstall the old firewall (Comodo) and when I tried (through Add Remove Programs), Comodo loaded it’s uninstaller with a progress bar and nothing came up. No uninstall screen, nothing. After uninstalling the entire new EZ security suite, I tried the uninstall of Comodo again. Nothing still. I tried going in to C:/Program Files/Comodo and manually deleting the files, and I was given the error message “Cannot delete appguard (in this case): Access is denied …etc” It’s not a read-only file and Comodo components had been removed from the process list. Nothing could be accessing it. And yet, I was still refused access to the deletion of these files. I can’t uninstall, I can’t delete it, And now my computer has disentegrated into a worthless incapable computer barley able to sustain a Network Connection, let alone an internet connection. I typed ths on someone else’s computer. My computer is an XP SP2 computer and I just want to get rid of Comodo (I may go back from EZ to Comodo if Roadrunner lets me :))
I have disabled Window’s firewall and when I do a restart (even after I removed Cododo’s app. from the boot with Run->msconfig) Windows still shows Comodo as actively protecting my computer. (No App, just Window’s Security Center screen) I go in, and manually remove all the processes associated with Comodo and are still unable to uninstall…
HELP~(I need somebody)~HELP~(NOT JUST ANYBODY!!!)~HELP!!!