uninstall issues after trying your suggestions

Hi all, I had a “friend” install CPF and he “forgot” to get the password to me, then he deleted the email with the auth code… Since he installed it, I have had a very sluggish computer.
I have tried 99.9% of the previously posted suggestions on how to uninstall. I do not have his screen name to reinstall. nor do I have his password…I want this danged program off my compter…
Where I am hanging up is on the regedit area on start/run. When I try to delete the entry that says Device Desc: Comodo Application Engine I get the following message: Unable to delete all specified values…This is the ONLY area where I am finding anything Comodo or CPF …
If I had no problem installing Comodo, why the heck is it sooooo hard to uninstall.
My computer is very very slow now n am in need of COMPLETELY uninstalling Comodo.
I thank you in advance for your help