uninstall is VERY WEAK [RESOLVED]

Help. I installed your AntiVirus and its been down hill since. I have a file that will not uninstall cavemlsp.DLL, it controls my TCP now, It runs NON STOP ! deleting this file in Safe MODE, then rebooting renders my TCP inactive. hence, WIFI and ethernet, Broken. I want to get ride of this file since it causes my computer to DISK access for hours and renders TASK MANAGER BROKEN. Please supply instructions to Correct your faulty UnInstall PROGRAM !!!

A mark of a good product is a product that Uninstalls Correctly, leaving NOTHING BEHIND, else call your UNINSTALL a Partial Uninstall,


Comodo know of problems with the uninstaller which is a third party utility (installshield). Due to this, Comodo are making their own installer / uninstaller for their products.

Sorry to hear you had trouble, you may find emailing support@comodo.com can provide information on how to resolve this issue.


PoliticallyIncorre: Apologies for the inconvenience. As Mike has said, we’ve had a lot of recurring issues with Installshield and since we want to be thought of as a good product, have decided instead to cook our own and be done with this problem. In the mean time, pls. send us an email at support@comodo.com and we’ll do our best to solve your issue.

I would have thought that the mark of a good program is one that you don’t uninstall. :wink:

Seriously, I hope Comodo Support are able to help.

ewen :slight_smile:

Well that’s why we didn’t bother with the uninstall :slight_smile:
(only joking :slight_smile: )


Thank you all for your feed back… As of this date, I am not able to operate my Laptop without the CavemlSP.dll… Even though I have uninstalled the program, this file has taken over my TCP and UDP and the TCPIP chanels…
CavemLSP.dll causes my computer to work the disk all the time, causing my Laptop to over heat and Shut down.
When I delete the file CAVEMLSP.DLL, my disk accesses stop, but I loose all the TCP…
I have sent an email to Support@ but as of today, I have not received a response

I have several chooses

  1. Wait for Support
  2. Spend HOURS trying to correct this
  3. Reformating my drive and reinstalling
  4. Post complaints to Several Blogs
  5. Contact my Lawyer
  6. Buy another machine
  7. Give up my lap top
  8. Write an article for PcWorld, Pc Mag…
  9. Get Drunk

Comodo can decide by their actions what I should do…

Personally, I would expect them to respond. and Hopefully they will


We will have a look at this asap Kurt! (pls PM me with your email address etc so that I can get you in touch with relevant people who can help you at Comodo.

In the meanwhile getting drunk sounds like a rather brilliant idea :slight_smile:


After spending several HOURS, I have resolved the problem that COMODO Antivirus creates for us folks that have nothing better to do then sweep up after beta releases.

Since the INSTALL does not even come close to restoring your system back to the condition it was in before COMODO contorted your system, the following will resolve the UNINSTALL Nightmear

  1. Uninstall as best you can…with COMODO’s Partial Uninstall program called UNINSTALL
  2. Remove all references in the REG file to COMODO
  3. Download WINSOCKXPFIX.exe from Major GEEKS
  4. FORCE WINSOCKXPFIX to complete, even if it squaks
  5. Reboot

It appears in COMODO’s infinity wisdom, it messes with WINSOCK and its references in the REG file.
When you UNINSTALL, COMODO does not repair its mess (alterations of pointers in the REG file for WINSOCK) rendering WINSOCK destroyed and forces the use of the Problem child CavemLSP.dll.

Since 99 % of my problem was with this DLL (takes over all of the TCP, UDP and other goodies) destroys Winsock hogs CPU TIME worse then a person talking to you under SPEED, …LOL

If a client had brought their system to me to repair the above, I would be billing about 250 dollars to repair this

What I do not understand, is if they (comodo) had ever uninstall their own product, they would have seen the mess the uninstall program does…

I am sure this is the MAIN cause of their RUN-A-WAY program, taking over 90 % of CPU time and cooking Fired eggs on the hard drive from CONSTANT DISK accessing

Anyone else need help, I will walk you through the removal

Software by khg

Hey all,

An alternative LSP repair utility is lspfix.exe from LSP-Fix - a free program to repair damaged Winsock 2 stacks. This is a little more passive than WINSOCKXPFIX.EXE and will not usually complain.

Please note : You MUST reboot after running any form of LSP repair utility for the repair to be effected.

Politicallyincorrect, thanks for outlining the manual CAV BETA removal procedure. It’s disappointing that someone from Comodo wasn’t able to fix this within your preferred timeframe, but, no-one can be all things to all men, unfortunately.

Please keep an eye on Comodo. The developers are aware of the issues that users have had with both the Comodo AV BETA installer/uninstaller and the previously used installshield installer/uninstaller. They will get it right before it’s publicly released, and I hope you’ll have another look at it when it’s beyond BETA status.

Thanks again for your hints,
Ewen :slight_smile:

PoliticallyIncorre: Tx much for posting this, and your approach towards solving the problem. As Ewen posted previously, we’re well aware of the issue and the developers are working towards fixing it.

(Don’t know if you hit option 9 on the menu, but if you did, the next one’s on me.)

Gee, you guys are so nice its hard for me to live up to my handle “PoliticallyIncorrect”

another note of interest From MicroSoft Site: Comodo latches to RPC over TCP. Since this is out side of my expertise, I wonder… IF M$ indicates RPC over HTTP in hostel enviorments, rather then COMODO’s approach of RPC over TCP and UDP, I wonder if COMODO’s approach is a good idea,

From Micro$soft
Best practices recommend blocking all TCP/IP ports that are not actually being used, and most firewalls including the Windows Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) block those ports by default. For this reason, most machines attached to the Internet should have RPC over TCP or UDP blocked. RPC over UDP or TCP is not intended to be used in hostile environments such as the Internet. More robust protocols such as RPC over HTTP are provided for hostile environments.

I will look at comodo later on, since the FORUM of COMODO is a pleasent one despite my harse remarks

Yes, I was upset, when I can no longer use my laptop (where I lapdance 10-15 hours a day) I was indeed in a hurry to resolve this issue and did certainly get impatient…
Software by khg

Thanks for your understanding Kurt.
We are all here to help eachother Comodo and users.

There is really a desperate need for a good security that is accesible by everyone! While PCs cost few hundreds of dollars charging $60-$150 a year for security makes it un-viable for a majority of PC users worldwide. hence we have this spyware problem!

We are trying to create a trusted and healthy Internet and without security every PC this is a difficult proposition.

So your help will be appreciated at every level to get awareness out there please.



Don’t worry about blowing off steam - simple human nature. I’m glad to hear you haven’t wiped Comodo. They are committed to providing top quality desktop security products for free and I believe that they deserve our support.

Keep an eye on Comodo over the next few months.

P.S. I liked the idea of contacting your lawyer - providing you meant “contact” in a contact adhesive kinda way. Just think, if you coated a lawyer in contact adhesive, he might stick to his word. :smiley:

Ewen :slight_smile:

What does cavemlsp.DLL do? Why do we need it? I do not see this type of intrusion with other products such as AVG.

Love the product so far, but I do notice a significant performance hit even on my dual-core, 2GB RAM test machine.

Thanks for the great Comodo prodcuts and ongoing development. They are the reason we got turned on to some other Comodo products.


G’day and welcome to the forums.

The following is what I think camemlsp.dll does - I don’t work for Comodo, so I may be wrong (usually am ;)), but I’m sure someone will corect me if I am.

CAVEMLSP.DLL is the Comodo Anti virus component that is responsible for jumping in between inbound/ outbound emails and the internet for the purpose of scanning it for viruses. An LSP (Layered Service Providers) is a small bit of software that can be added or inserted into the Windows TCP/IP stack. Data inward/outward to/from your computer to/from a legitimate destination on the Internet can be intercepted by an LSP and manipulated.

In the case of CAVEMLSP.DLL, it invokes a scan on the contents of the email. LSP’s are a legitimate method of adding functionality to the IP stack. However, not all LSP’s are good. Some viruses/trojans use an LSP component to intercept your outbound internet request and send it elsewhere (new.net is a notable example). This is just one method of browser hijacking.

If I’ve got any (or all ;)) of this wrong, someone please jump in and rescue.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

well all of this has not resolved my problem which is the windows installer pops up all the time to configure antivirus no matter which program i try to open. i have done all of the forum members advised and i,m stumped. last resort FORMAT i think. i for one will never use it again (:AGY) :cry: (:SAD) (:SAD) (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY)

Hi and welcome,

Sorry to hear you had trouble. Comodo have experienced a number of problems with installshield and have decided to build their own installer / uninstaller to solve this issue.

Here are the steps to uninstall CAVS:

Please remember this is a beta program.


One thing, the following comment has not been answered, i would certainly be interested on a technical response please.

“From Micro$soft
Best practices recommend blocking all TCP/IP ports that are not actually being used, and most firewalls including the Windows Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) block those ports by default. For this reason, most machines attached to the Internet should have RPC over TCP or UDP blocked. RPC over UDP or TCP is not intended to be used in hostile environments such as the Internet. More robust protocols such as RPC over HTTP are provided for hostile environments.”

Cheers, rotty


Please post your question in the Comodo Firewall Forum there may be people there who can answer your comment better.