Uninstall is dirty

I’ll wait until i-Vault has matured. I decided to uninstall it and revisit it later, much later. Knowing that many uninstalls are dirty (i.e., they leave crap behind in the registry and sometimes files, too), I decided to cleanup after the i-Vault uninstall. I found the following still left behind after the uninstall:

data item = iVault
data value = C:\Program Files\Comodo\i-Vault\i-Vault.exe

(config settings)

(file association for .civ files to their ivault.exe program that now no longer exists)

C:\Program Files\Comodo\LaunchPad\CLPConFig.exe1
(i-Vault was the only Comodo product installed that forcibly includes Launchpad)
(the PendingFileRenameOperations registry key will delete on reboot, but the uninstall doesn’t say to reboot, and this can interfere with other installs if this key is not empty as they see the pending rename operation to delete a file)

%userprofile%\Application Data\Comodo\LaunchPad

*.civ files under My Documents
(storage for the cards that you created)
(no option is presented on uninstall to ask if you want these deleted)

Please provide for a cleaner uninstall of i-Vault (and also check your other applications, too, for better cleanup) along with providing an option to also include deletion of configuration and user data. Users shouldn’t have to perform registry edits and file deletes to complete the cleanup after an uninstallation.