Uninstall Help!!!!!!!

Hi Guys need help please!

I can’t uninstall comodo av tired everthing I can think of but all I get is “cannot Uninstall. you are currently in user mode”. Will not uninstall via start/allprograms/comodo/uninstall. Will not unistall via control panel/ add remove. Will not reinstall / uninstall via the down load.

I have stoped at running on startup via" msconfig" and tired the above aqain, but no go!!!

Am I missing something?
Any ideas welcome!
thanks in advance!

You can try to uninstall it in safe mode, maybe that can work out for you.

Yep tired that and still get the same message! Need help big time, system will not open most programs. ie excel / word etc etc.

Anyone have any bright ideas?

System Restore?

The problem I have it that its a work computer whcih I installed CAV to see if I liked it and if there where any problems before I installed on my owm pc. So Sysstem restore not really an opption. Is there not an uninstall software?

Try using Revo Uninstaller

But please do it in Safe Mode, and lemme know how it goes.

ok, I will try that, thanks!
Quick qustion tho, When I tired to uninstall in safe mode it came up with the same error message.
If I run Revo uninstall will it not come up with the same message as doesn’t it try and use the uninstall which comes with the program before it deletes all the reg files etc?

Manually Uninstall… I have a Batch File that you can run…
If Revo Doesn’t Work Please Tell Us…

Ok thanks, I will give it a go and let you know as soon as i can!

Thanks again!

Ok! I guess that I must have made a mistake somewhere along the proccess!
On statup CAV still trys to open but now I get an error message “CAV003 on access scanner failed to start”
I guess that maybe try an reinstall / uninstall from the setup.exe?

Did you try uninstalling with Revo?

If it’s not working out…I will let CGPMaster post the batch now :)… I will watch this topic.

yep ran revo uninstall in safe mode and removed all the files listed. but still trys to open!
Thanks for your help tho!