Uninstall Help

:-\ Has anyone having problems with uninstalling CPF had any luck with the uninstall, and if so…tell me what you did to remove it. I welcome any suggestions at this point. I’ve run completely out of ideas. It’s like super-glue adhesive that’s bonded to the hard drive and is refusing to let go…???

We are trying to address this issue. But until we fix the issue, you can try to manually uninstall CPF.

Within your CPF installation directory, there is an utility called fwconfig.exe.

Please run cmd.exe and run " fwconfig -uninstall".

It will completely remove CPF from your system. After it completes, please restart your PC and delete CPF installation folder manualy.


The procedure shown above does not work…I had to literally pick comodo out of my system, .(I was uninstalling COMODO because it drove me crazy)
I deleted as explained further on this forum…reinstalled my old firewall and kept getting BSOD stop errors, caused a “pagefault in non paged area”…

I then had to go through my registry and remove all the dross left over from COMODO and also had to stop COMODO services running (even though it had been deleted) and uninstall and reinstall zonealarm to get my system up and running.

I am always open to change, but whomever develops this software should NEVER release programs without knowing or supplying means of removing said software, and explaining those procedures fully on support forums. perhaps you should take up a position within microsoft!!!

I certainly won’t be using your products ever again…xp and comodo = BEWARE and expect annoying problems during use of COMODO and further issues when uninstalling…GOOD LUCK .

PS. I also did the update a few days prior to uninstalling so the promised fix for uninstall didn’t come to fruition

Hi Kw,

The update to fix this uninstall issue and others - as well as some improvements - is for the firewall and should be out this Tuesday. The update you received is for the lunch pad.


Today I installed a clean copy of Windows XP Pro SP2 on my machine and was surfing the web to find a good and free firewall. I read some praising reports about Comodo so I decided to install. I also installed the free antivirus Antivir.

I came here in search of help. In other threads I saw people reporting trojan detection by antivir. Also, some people could not uninstall. Both of the above had happened to me.

What the fault was for me, as it turns out, is that the antivirus was moving the file fwsetup.exe to a Carantine section so the uninstaller could not proceed properly.

Believing that the trojan report was a false positive (Antivir also has heuristic scanning so this was a possibility) I restored the file and thus was able to uninstall. This happened like, one hour ago.

The thing is, five minutes ago I had my first Blue Screen of Death with “page fault in nonpaged area” as the reported error! The system was a clean/formatted one and has very little stuff installed, mostly mathematical software that I routinely used on my old system.

I browsed the forum and saw some advise on incomplete uninstalls. I searched the Registry and Services but could not find something noticeable (just some Legacy entries in the Registry). This indicates to me that the uninstall was probably complete.

Could Comodo be the cause of the “page fault in nonpaged area” error? kw seems to think it can. Might I get an opinion from one of the developers?


What you should do is to open your PC in SAFE mode and uninstall the AV software. And then try to reinstall CPF and then your AV.

Or alternatively, you must find a way to make your AV program to allow fwconfig.exe to run so that you can manually uninstall CPF by typing “fwconfig.exe -uninstall” at the command line.

The blue screen should give you the driver which causes the BSOD.
Hope this helps,