Uninstall gone, help?

Okay, I just installed CIS free x64 windows 7. Had some problems with it, crashes, and I uninstalled. Then I realized it may be because the windows firewall is still on (I was used to another firewall turning it off automatically for me.) So, I figured I try again, shutdown Windows firewall, then install comodo. I restarted; and here’s the rub,

I had yet to restart my system, and now somehow Comodo is installed, yet it isn’t. It can’t start, it’s says it can’t find the file, it is in the software list, but I can’t uninstall it, not even uninstall programs can do it.

Comodo says however to use a dos box to go to its directory and then type in, “cfpconfig.exe -u”. I do that, but it can’t find the file. I check with the dir manually, and the file is indeed not there!

I tried system restore points, but they don’t work getting rid of the this either.


Try this clean up tool to get rid off left overs. It is designed for XP 32 bits but may still do the job here. Did it work for you or not?