uninstall firewall comodo

I just want to say i was uninstalling comodo firewall (windows 7 i tried it for 1houre and a half), and when i was uninstalling it my pc crash!!! so i was forced to unplug my pc and he never reboot again… nothing, just a black wall and the noice of the ventilator…thank you so much…

I’ve installed and uninstalled Comodo Firewall several times over the years, including on some Win7 boxes and haven’t had a problem like that. I wonder what the problem is? Can you even boot into safe mode? I wouldn’t think Comodo would do something that’d jeopardize that.

Makes me wonder if your hard drive’s having problems; when parts of the software can be read to be executed, it looks an awful lot like a problem with the software itself. Maybe try some hard drive recovery software and see if it finds any problems.