Uninstall failed


Is there a boclean remover so i can get rid of the previous version i want the new c.


I had the same problem in Vista Ultimate.

Do a system restore and then remove BOClean from Start/Programs/Comodo/Uninstall Comodo BOclean. Do not use Control panel/Uninstall Programs and everything will work fine.

If you’re not able to get a clean system restore the first time then you will have to boot to safe mode and do a system restore.

There was a problem with the installer in the original build of 4.23 which was fixed, but the fixed version of 4.23 never got released. If you go to uninstall 4.23 from control panel, it’s pointing at the incorrect file and so won’t uninstall or crash. However, if you just do what hardhead suggests, going to the start menu, programs, comodo, comodo boclean and select “uninstall” there, that one works. For those who still have the soon to be obsolete 4.22 or earlier, the uninstall worked properly there.

If for some reason the “UNBOC” uninstaller got hosed somehow, all you need to do is be sure that BOClean itself is shut down, then use the task manager to kill BOCORE service after BOClean itself is shut down, then all you need to do is remove the entire contents of the BOClean folder under “program files” and that’ll get rid of the old files. When you install the new one, it’ll clean up any registry entries for you as it installs. For a really stubborn case, uninstall the new and reinstall it and that’ll definitely do it.