uninstall extra languages

Hi, I like the Internet Security suite, although i only use the Firewall part.
My main upset with the new version 3.10 is that I do not need all the extra languages apart from English. I have tried deleting them from the translations folder but then I get a message that new updates are available and they are downloaded and installed again.
I try to keep my PC as clean as possible without megabytes of unneeded files and would like to have the option of not re-downloading all the language files when updating.
How can I stop all the language files from downloading during my CIS updates?
Thank you for any help with this

Hi & welcome to the forum.

I’m the first one to agree on this. A while ago I deleted all language files, and extra help files. Now CIS is updating - as we speak - to re-install these files which are completely unnecessary for me.

I’m afraid it’s impossible.

If you’re interested, you can save a lot of space by deleting the repair folder. CIS won’t force you to get this one back (unless you’re actually upgrading the program version I think).

Thanks for your reply.
Perhaps this option could go onto the wish-list for future versions of CIS. :slight_smile:

I would prefer the user only gets their preferred language and have the option to download more if they wish. This is what most software does. To simply add them all by default is sloppy.

I don’t mind so much the .lang files as they are small, but with the last couple of updates I now have a Chinese and Russian .chm file. These are in the neighborhood of 5MB. As I can read neither of these languages, the help files are just wasting space on my HDD. Add all the languages that Comodo supports and you’ve got quite a chunk of irrelevant ■■■■ sitting there.

Edit: Oh, and LeoniAquila has already mentioned, any attempts to delete these results in an “update” to give you them back. You can’t create a small text file and give it the same name as the files you wish to get rid of because CIS is too smart for that and gives them back to you anyway… :frowning:

See this post for a suggestion on how to avoid downloading unecessary language files.

Yes, as I mentioned in that post, that is a great idea!


+1 on that one Whoop, you have many great GUI ideas, that’s for sure. :-TU I hope some of them goes into Comodo’s software.


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+1 Bloat gets my goat (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it) :-TU

How much bloat does extra languages add to the setup file?

There’s a way out of this one for next major release: prepare two downloads, one with just English and one with all languages. And provide a way for extra languages to be downloaded and installed piecemeal, both from within and from without the product.

To setup file have no idea, after setup there about 5.2MB, (not much if you ask me)

The .chm files are over 5MB each. Currently there are only two. (In addition to the English file) But if Comodo intends to add .chm files for each language CIS supports, that is a lot of bloat for no reason.