Uninstall didn't go well

I tried to uninstall comodo tonight and as I waited for it to finish uninstalling the kernel drivers, my PC got shut down.

Now when I boot my PC the diagnostic pop up box tries to fix it but can’t saying it needs to generate a report leaving my internet access blocked on my laptop disconnected till I restart.

The program is still on my laptop but isn’t listed on the windows programs and devices windows and windows still dectects it as a firewall to use in it’s firewall options. Anyone know of a program that I can use that will scan my system and remove of what remains of this firewall program? I was running the latest version before uninstalling.

Thanks for any help.

Hi and welcome neoed,
In the link below posted by Chiron you will see instructions on removal using removal tools in section ‘A’.
These tools may help with the failed uninstall.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems
Note: Select the correct tool for your operating system.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the link, I’ve tried most of it and the stuff didn’t work.

When I try to uninstall the drivers, one of them comes back up when my laptop restarts.

I’ve tried to install the firewall but the program doesn’t show up once it’s done.

The firewall is still active on my task manager and the files are still located under my C: drive.

The diagnostic still asks me to run it since it can’t start it, giving me this report:

Not sure what more I can do, the remains of this program are still slowing my laptop and blocking my AV from updating.

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Hi neoed,
Check for ‘Add &Remove components’ in the following location.
Windows Start Menu>All Programs>Comodo>Comodo Internet Security>Add & Remove components.
If that option is available, this contains a removal option.

The tool from the link in my previous post, may very well work best in Windows safe mode.

Just to be clear I’m trying to uninstall the firewall even though I for some reason have a internet security folder.

I have booted in safe mode and nothing worked. The microsoft remover program needs the product code which I don’t know where to get that. The comodo remover keeps closing after I type the acknowledge line.

I tried to remove the folders located under my C drive but it says they are either in use by another program or I don’t have permission which I keep trying to give myself permission but still denies me.

Comodo Firewall is a component of Comodo Internet Security.
Hence the reason for the internet security folder.

Do you have a Windows system restore point prior to installing the Firewall?
Any other suggestions I have are already covered in Chiron’s topic.

I will see if the other Mod’s have any additional advice.

Kind regards.

Please try running the clean up tools mentioned in Chiron’s article in Safe Mode. Then you don’t need the uninstaller.