uninstall didn't finish, windows 7 does not start anymore

Hopefully, somebody can help me!

When I uninstalled CTM, my Laptop (Samsung, Windows 7 home edition 32) hung up. When I restart it now, I get a bluescreen after loading disk.sys, classpnp.sys and CTMMOUNT.sys

  1. How can I complete the uninstallation process? How can I make my system boot again? I mean, obviously, not everything was uninstalled, since the CTM-drivers still show up.
  2. Is there any chance to recover the files which I created after installing this dangerous program? I lost all fotos and docs created and saved after installing it.
    Second is second because I am almost sure that the answer will be: sorry, you definitely lost you

Appartently, this program is like a sect: once you try to get rid of it, you lose everything…

Were you trying to uninstall the latest version (or an old one)?
How did you uninstall it? (through Control Panel?)

If you get the bluescreen, did you recover the system in anyway? I mean, the files before you’ve installed CTM? (you seem to be worried only with the files you’ve changed after: “recover the files which I created after installing this dangerous program”).

Hi Tech,

It was the latest version, I guess. I installed it in march, then updated it regularly. I uninstalled it using the Control Panel, not using any extra program.
My system can still be found using a Win7-recovery CD (plus ERD Commander). My backups are made with arconis. I still have the backup file, but I installed acronis after installing CTM. Acronis is not listed in the program files folder. All my “pre-CTM” files still seem to exist, but Windows won’t boot, telling me that “the BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant.” “Technical information: ***STOP: 0x000000A5 (0x00000011, 0x00000007, 0x00000000, 0xc000009A)”.

A blue screen means windows is still trying to boot, but as you said CTM is still (partly) present. Does the CTM boot screen still show after a system boot? If yes, then you can try to complete the uninstall by pressing the HOME key on your keyboard when the CTM boot screen is visible. You will then enter the CTM boot-time console. There is an uninstall option in that boot-time console. Try to use that one to complete the process.

Nicodem, if you restore an Acronis backup, all the files post-CTM won’t be there… You need a sector-to-sector backup. Sorry, I’m not technically qualified to further help you.

Thank you anyway, Tech! I actually created sector-to-sector backups with acronis. I guess, I will try to run the Samsung recovery solution which will bring back the pc-status from 5/2009 with Vista. Afterwards I’ll re-install my Win7-update and then try to restore the arconis backup. I guess, I’ll have CTM running again then, but also have many files recovered.
@ marlonvdb: thanks for the reply. The CTM boot screen does not appear anymore. I am only guessing, that CTM is still present, since the drivers are still beeing loaded. I already removed them from the drivers folder, which did not change anything. The last three drivers being loaded then are fvevol.sys, disk.sys, classpnp.sys.