Uninstall did not remove Secure Shopping

I folowed the instructions I found in the Forum:
1.Right click and run as administrator this removal (1) tool after downloading and extracting from zip folder.
2.Choose option to remove CIS.
3.Reboot when it finishes.
4.Run this windows installer tool from Microsoft and check programs and features to see if CIS is listed and choose to uninstall from there.

The tool referred to in 1 is :COMODO Removal Tool 2014 - Mods version

After doing all this Secure shopping was still there.
I then ran ciscleanuptool_x64

Nothing helpedSecure shopping remained.
In the windows apps I still see Secure Shopping And Uninstall - see attachement Comodo1
When I click on Secure shopping I get the message that the Comodo secure shopping service is not running

When I click on the Uninstall it opens a program to uninstall Secure Shopping. I ran it 3 times to no avail.

On my C disk I still have a map Secure shopping (see attachment Comodo 3) .When I try to run vdcss.exe it again gives the message that the Comodo secure shopping service is not running

Can I just delete this map on C?

All this being said I would like to comment that I never wanted the Bloody Secure Shopping. But if you do not pay attention (you have to look at the Tab other options) you get it installed.
Also I once got it installed with a build update.
I am a huge Comodo fan but this is really not good publicity.
A friend of mine said she would never consider using Comodo because she read on the internet about unwanted options being pushed.

I’m adding the ciscleanuptoollog

The uninstall tool removes CIS only. Both Secure Shopping and ISE (if installed) are separate entities. Have you looked in Control Panel > Programs and tried to uninstall from there?

I cannot find it in Control Panel > Programs.
I used the Comodo uninstall that I saw in the apps. I ran it 4 times.
Each time it said Secure shopping had been uninstalled.

If it says it’s uninstalled, the Service isn’t running and it doesn’t appear in Control Panel, then I would delete the Secure Shopping folders involved. The icon in Start Menu mean nothing and are often left when applications are uninstalled, along with residual folders. The same goes for the CIS folders

Thx - will just remove folder