Uninstall Deletes Saved Config [RESOLVED]

cfp.exe crashed for me, but no crash log or anything so I could report it here. So I thought I’d uninstall CFP & reinstall the latest. Before I did I save my config settings & then uninstalled, then went into the CFP folder only to find the settings were deleted. If I knew that would happen I would have saved the settings elsewhere. I thought it would say when uninstalling something about moving the saved settings before unistalling.

If you back up anything at all never back it up to the same folder. When you do an uninstall that deletes the folder and contents in it. Next time save it to My Documents or something.

I will do. It would be nice to have only one config file rather than the two.

There is only “1”. Select Optimal Security and export that and named it what ever you want. Do not back up both. Read the help file. Its all there. You back up what is checked off.

My bad. I believed that one backup was for firewall settings & the other for D+. Thanks for your help. :SMLR

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