uninstall comodo sandbox and virtual kiosk


i have uninstall comodo antivirus and kept the firewall, but the sandbox and virtual kiosk are always here.
how to uninstall them?

i want to uninstall them because i want to install an other application for sandbox (sandboxie) and virtual program (toolwiz) and i want to reduce the risks of conflicts such as having 2 antiviruses installed at the same time.


you cant uninstall them. Defense + (sandbox, virtua; kiosk etc) are part of both the antivirus and firewall.

but the antivirus is uninstalled.

Hi ahahah,
Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Firewall are both selectable components of Comodo Internet Security.
The Defense+ module is integrated into Comodo Internet Security.
Virtual Desktop/Sandbox are portions of the Defense+ module and cannot be removed.
Defense+ Settings-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

ok so if i install an other sandbox program and an other virtual desktop program will there be risks of conflicts/instability such as when we install 2 antiviruses at the same time ?

AFAIK there should be no conflicts, but there could possibly be unknown exceptions.

Kind regards.