uninstall Comodo Mobile Security for Android not possible....

How can I uninstall Comodo Mobile Security for Android application when the launcher crashes as soon as I do almost anything.
I can not go into Apps and uninstall.
What a moment 22 thing…
Phone is unusable after Inatalling Comodo Mobile Security … :frowning:

And I cant rset it eather, because I need to take out mu images first.
Whish isnt possible, because I can not start ANY app for communication with my PC

No solutions found… :frowning:

I had to factory reset the phone.

Im never installing a mobile app from Comodo again !

Comodo wasn’t your issue.
Don’t blame the app for how your phone is functioning.
Try clearing cache and Dalvik, then reboot.
Clear/remove unused and unnecessary apps/games.
Clean up the phone with tools such as SD Maid.
Greenify background running apps to improve phone performance and battery life.

To uninstall CMS try the following:

  1. Settings/Security/Device Administrators/Comodo Mobile Security/Deactivate
  2. Settings/Apps/Comodo Mobile Security/Uninstall
    This works for me on phone using Android KitKat 4.4.4

Rodpal I can do ALL of those steps and it STILL won’t uninstall… It’s the worst malware I have EVER come across period! It has ruined my phone. I am not a newb, I have had Android devices since 1.6 and even flashed a few. This software uses non-standard installation and IS malware on MY phone. I am getting a new phone and COMODO is the last thing I will use on anything… I will keep my old phone around to warn people about Comodo.

Went to Setup>Security>Administrator and could never de-activate CMS… Now I am having trouble even booting the phone, it may be damaged beyond hope… it was getting too hot to hold, then it would crash. From the SECOND I loaded CMS it overheated and crashed… what a mistake to make!! I only wish I had never heard of Comodo! I would like to get my data out of the phone… but if it won’t run long enough to try changing the administrator now, I don’t have much hope of getting my data off… Thanks guys, great product!! CMS will get NOWHERE near my replacement LG G3… LG really needs to warn people that this software will not uninstall normally and MAY burn up your phone!!

On Samsung Galaxy S5 i have Unistalled sucessfully.
Unistall is not avaiable in App Manager, you have to open CMS before and remove admin right. After you are able to remove comodo from App Manager.

After i solved an issue, an update blocked by comodo of Samsung Account program i have reinstalled it and al works fine :slight_smile: