Uninstall Comodo Firewall

I installed Comodo Firewall on my slave drive and recently my hard drive crashed and failed. I’m trying to reinstall Comodo firewall on my master drive but when running the setup, I get a error stating the program is already installed and I am presented with options to uninstall, etc but the program cannot uninstall due to missing files and such.

How can I go about installing the program once again and on my master drive. I’ve grown to enjoy Comodo firewall and do not use the antivirus software bundled with program but would and will remain using Comodo Firewall if I can figure out this problem. Just to mention, I installed the program on slave drive to test it out but never installed on my master drive as I should of. Thanks for any help.

Hello nr262,

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By slave drive i assume you installed on d:.…\comodo\comodo internet security right ?

I think we have to do some manual removals here, so if the files on your slave drive are gone the biggest problem would be the registry entries, are you familiar with registry editing ?

On Registry keys, not to sure what to do but I think I can do this if directed properly. I also am running Windows XP SP3. Yes, Comodo was installed on my slave drive F:\

Safest approach would be to use an automated registry cleaner like CCleaner or Comodo System Cleaner.

You can find them here:


If you first start with CCleaner read this:

Make sure you backup the registry changes.
After the registry cleaning has finished scan again to see if the previous cleaning results in other orphaned entries, if that turns up clean please reboot and try to install CIS again.

If that still doesn’t work use Comodo system cleaner and clean the registry with that and see what happens.

I use CCleaner and tried that approach but with no results. I downloaded the Comodo cleaner you suggested and did a “Power Scrub” and rebooted several times but still having same problem?

So if you try to install it still complains that it’s already installed ?

Yes, I downloaded the current version of Comodo Firewall (CIS_Setup_3.10.102363.531_XP_Vista_x32.exe) and when I try to install the program it says I already have it installed and would I like to uninstall or add\remove components. If I say yes, the installer quits naturally as there is no program files anymore or uninstaller I presume. I am baffled and confused. Thanks for any help.

Okay can you open Regedit and go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Sofware\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Comodo Internet Security

Right mouse click when Key Comodo Internet Security is selected and select [Delete]

Now try to install and see if that helps ?

Okay, I’ve open the registry and I’ve looked in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Sofware\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ but I’m not showing “Comodo Internet Security” I’ve doubled checked?

So that key is gone, let’s see what else could be there,
Can you select the computer in the top of Regedit and type CTRL-F and search for comodo and see what turns up ?

Ok, here is what I’ve found.

:-\ not convinced that this would cause the installer to complain.

can you see if you have the following files still on disk ?


There is nothing left in c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security ?

All the files you mentioned are present. There is no program directory as was installed on my slave drive F:\

Okay we need to get rid of those then, can you rename those files in Safe-Mode and then reboot and see if you can run CCleaner again with the Registry scan and see if it finds missing entries.
And after that try to install again ?

I went into safe mode and renamed the files as such (copy_inspect.sys, etc) I then rebooted and ran ccleaner and did a full scan plus a regisrty scan. I do not think there was any keys or etc found but in any case, I fixed the little problems it showed. Then, I ran the Comodo installer but had same message and problem.

Can you try this script written by Ragwing and see if that fixes it ?

That did it! :smiley: Thanks for your help. I’ve installed Comodo Firewall once again and happy. I’ll delete the files I renamed and save the link for the script just in case anything should happen like this again. However, I’ll make sure to install it on my main drive from now on. Thanks so much and for your time…take care.

No problem, have fun using it and if you have questions feel free to ask :-TU
Glad it worked