Uninstall Comodo firewall

I have the same problem reported by Ghost 22 on September 26, 2006.
“I have to try to unistall Comodoro firewall… it say that i have to delete manualy some file after restart. I restart, comodoro don’t start but it’s alive in “Installation application”… i try to unitall another time but nothing happen. I have try to write in cms fwconfig -unistall but a new windows pop up and say that clicapi.dll miss…
How to resolve it?
if i try to install it’s say that i have first unistall”
Please help! (:AGY)

Welcome to the forum.
Do a search on your computer for all folders with comodo. Delete them.
Run regedit and do a search in the registry for comodo, and delete all folders/entries in there.
Reboot and see if it’s gone. If it isn’t, download Easycleaner and use the registry cleaning function in it, to delete all it finds about comodo.
Report back here how it goes.