Uninstall Comodo Firewall Ver.

I tried to uninstall the Comodo [Ver.] Firewall program using Windows XP Home using <Add/Remove> and I had a file error box appear relating to the computer unable to find a file??? [I cannot remember the details]

Had a look in computer “Program Menu” and only a Icon “Comodo Launch Pad” with no link to Comodo “Uninstall”.
Also looked in the <C drive< < programs> and cannot locate a

The reason in trying to uninstall same as I had a problem with AVG Ver. 7 Free program accessing “Outlook Express” of which I later found an article in the Comodo forums to over come the problem!

I just [refreshed] reinstalled the Comodo program over the top of the same version!

Now the question is there a problem to uninstall the Comodo program or do I just had a hiccup??

Will Comodo inA later progamming include a Comodo Uninstaller???

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Does the following help:

Comodo have had issues with installshield and have built there own installer, which is in the beta version.


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Have you checked out the FAQ about the uninstallation issues? I think your problem is quite common amongst users.

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