Uninstall Comodo Firewall and Antivirus Suite (Free Version) for WXP 64

Can anyone point me in the right direction that I can COMPLETELY remove Comodo cleanly from my computer?

When I installed this free trial a week ago everything was fine. But today, Windows Update is broken and I couldn’t update Comodo itself either.

I’m getting frustrated because this is the only Firewall/AV software I’ve ever used that is so messy to uninstall. When I did an Add/Remove, I saw that it’s still in my computer and though I’ve ran a registry clean up–it’s still here.

I’ve already spent 2 hours researching this and I want it out of my system please.

This should be able to remove any remaining components of Comodo although the uninstaller should have worked fine.

Also, this is not a free trial, but an entirely free product.

It’s possible it installed incorrectly from the start.