Uninstall CIS with Your Unistaller

Can someone put guide how to full Unistall CIS with Your Uninstaller? Thanks a lot

Simple, click Start/All Programs/Comodo/Comodo Internet Security/Add and Remove Components.

Use this program to Remove/Uninstall CIS from your computer (it is one of the options).

oh, are you referring to the software program, “Your Uninstaller!”?

Under your Tools/Options/Match Level, set the Match Level to ‘Average’, which is where it should be as default (from reading the manual), not the ‘Safe’ level mine installed at. Click ‘OK’.
Now, select ‘Comodo Internet Security’ from the listed installed software.
Click ‘Uninstall’ from the left side of the window.
Let it do it’s thing.
This works very similar to Revo Uninstaller (except Revo Uninstaller won’t show CIS on my computer).

I hope this helps.

When he promt for Restart should I click OK or NO and let Your Unistaller delete remain files?

P.S. Are you sure that I must put Average? Its Safe by default.

These files can’t be removed as they are actively running. Allowing the restart will permit them to be removed.
Yes, let YU remove the remaining files.