Uninstall CIS with password protection. PLEASE HELP!


A few months ago, I installed CIS Premium in the computer of an aunt.
I really dont remember why I setup a password protection to CIS.

But now, I cannot enter the configuration because I dont remember the password.
I really need to enter the configuration because CIS its blocking the software used to print.

Another solution its to uninstall CIS, but one I try to uninstall it, in Defense+ I read:
“Defense+ has blocked # intrusion(s) so far”

Where “#” its a number that keep increasing every time I click on UNINSTALL CIS.
So the wizard of uninstalling CIS never appears because CIS blocks it.
Of course, I dont know why it blocks it.

Can I have helo in this matter please?
I cannot enter the configuration of CIS due to the password forget.
And cannot uninstall CIS due to the Def+ blocking it.

So my third option its to reinstall the OS, which I dont want.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Please read here.

Thank you, but I am using windows XP, and not 7. :frowning:

Just check XP Pro same way as in post that I refer you to, does not matter if XP or Windows 7