Uninstall CAV but it reinstalls itself? Viral??

Love the firewall and CAV used Bitdefender for about 10 months only to have my PC get sick how sick I am just finding out. I uninstalled Bit and put CAV 1.1 on the PC and it uncovered “Backdoor.Win32.Agent.zq” it found theoriginal file and the restore point. But I then noticed that everytime I rebooted the CAV activation window crashed and that did not seem right as it had come up fine 3 times prior. So I decide I will uninstall CAV1.1 and reinstall it no sweat right? (:NRD) Well upon shuttdown the Windows Installer started trying to reinstall it even though I had run nothing in fact I had just uninstalled it and was rebooting. :THNK It gets better upon reboot the installer launches again I hit cancel and it comes right back again again again and again til we get to the login screen :o yeah that’s right this happened upon boot the OS was not even booted fully.

So I go into C: drive and delete folders regedit do the same msconfig cleared reboot, same thing. Now as a system builder I know this is bad but I have little experience with viruses. I used Panda for years and LOVE it but they did not offer any spyware so I left them my question is can I save this setup or should I look at a reformat, which would be real bad since I am a power user that does web development and business relations on this PC, I haven’t gotten anything done in far to long!

Hello FireMan,

Unfortunately the issue you are experiencing was a serious issue in Comodo Antivirus 1.1 beta, but has been fixed in the newer beta versions which are only available on the forums. The link below goes to a topic on which you may find information to fix the issue you are experiencing. When you are able to completely uninstall Comodo I recommend going to the beta corner of the Comodo Antivirus board and download the latest beta which features HIPS and other great enhancements as well as bug fixes.