uninstal comodo

i have a problem with uninstalling comodo. when i try to uninstall comodo, this comodo is succesfully uninstalled, but when i open security center, the message in security center about comodo not disappeared. why this problem occur?
is this a bug? and how to remove this firewall report about comodo in security center, because if i turning on windows firewall the message in security center report that there are two firewall running

sorry for my bad english i’m indonesian


This is caused by the WMI info not being removed correctly. Ther4e’s a solution for this at


Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Its not a bug but a common problem with Winodws and happens with alot of products. Simple gp to run and type “services.msc”. Then once its open migrate to the WMI service( Windows Management Instrumentation) and stop it. Then go to C\Windows\System32\Wbem and delete the repository folder and reboot.

follow Vettech’s method above - it worked for me (though I still haven’t got round to cleaning up the registry yet). I used Revo unistaller on the most aggresive setting to uninstall as much as possible.