uninformative, useless "alerts" lacking crucial information

I just updated product, and just about the first think that popped up was an alert about a file trying to “Access a Protected Registry Key”

I clicked on the underlined link hoping for more information and all I got was a list of files.
I couldn’t tell if these were drivers, active processes or just a location. I couldn’t even find the specific file named in the alert!
Further more it didn’t tell me what registry key was being accessed. It looked like a driver from NVidia, but there is a big difference between a display driver accessing a monitor or even a desktop related key and it trying to access an encryption service or an anti-virus key (Hello, heuristics department I’m looking at you).

This is a very specific example of a generalized problem with “alerts”. They almost never include an enough information for me to make any kind of informed decision.

Under Advanced options>>Defence+>>HIPS>>HIPS settings there is “Set popup alerts to verbose mode” have you tried that?