Unigned .RPM package header

When installing Download Comodo Antivirus for Linux, https://pastebin.com/caqyhZ6x occurred. The problematic part is:

Retrieving: CAV_LINUX-1.1.268025-1.x86_64 (Plain RPM files cache)                     (312/312),  24.7 MiB     
   Package header is not signed!

CAV_LINUX-1.1.268025-1.x86_64 (Plain RPM files cache): Signature verification failed [6-File is unsigned]
Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i] (a): i

because GUI application managers, such as Discover - KDE Applications, do not allow the user to ignore such errors via their graphical interface. Additionally, if zypper’s -y flag is set in the command-line after zypper install as zypper install -y {package}, the installation shall fail. This prevents novice users and automatic scripts installing Comodo.

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