unidentified network

i am using CIS on window 7 for years but for two days i am getting unidentified network and no internet access .i turned off completely the firewall still the same.everything with the router and wire is good.i tried to uninstalled COMODO but uninstallation stucks in between so i have to restart .then i downloaded the comodo uninstaller .it removed everything except one key (access denied for registry entry for cmdagent) .after removing CIS my LAN was was working normal; and i can access network.so i downloaded again the CIS and installed it again .then again the problem reappears .i have no internet access .what is with CIS ? do i uninstall again CIS ? please help .

i uninstalled it but still problem not gone .i tried everything present on net but it was not solved. but after reinstalling network driver it is working again .i still don’t know how comodo corrupted the drivers.

Corruption can happen in any system unfortunately. It’s never a question of IF things are going to go wrong - but WHEN and quite often at a bad time!

The best way to uninstall and do a clean install is with the official CIS Uninstall Tool, making sure that the Comodo Firewall Driver is unchecked in the Network Adapter properties, then do a clean install . . .

But glad it’s all fixed for you anyway :slight_smile: