Unfortunate introduction to AntiSpam

Moral of the story: don’t install new software when overtired.

I installed Comodo AntiSpam after being quite impressed with the Firewall product.

While setting up, what I thought I was doing was highlighting emails from my inbox and telling AntiSpam that I approved these addresses.

Instead, AntiSpam emailed all these addresses, most of them business contacts of my wife, telling them that they needed to enter an authentication code to have further contact with my wife. Unfortunately it did not provide them with the code. My wife’s business email account was shut down for a while since it was assumed that it had been used for spamming because of the large amount of outbound emails.

The email AntiSpam sent out, I had never seen in order to edit, sounded quite unprofessional, and amounted really to spam itself.

As well, when I came to my computer this morning, it appeared that there were multiple instances of AntiSpam running, and all of them had hung, requiring an ‘End Process’ from the Task Manager.

While the complaints roll in from confused recipients, I curse my misunderstanding of the software, but I also curse the lack of clarity that led to my mistake. It would have been great to at least see a copy of the email that was sent, as well as a warning telling me exactly what would happen when I highlighted those messages and clicked “Add…”.

Hiding behind my incompetence seems to be two serious bugs however:

  1. the program hanging
  2. the emails sent out not having the required information for the recipient, nor opportunity for me to preview/edit the wording of them



Thanks for your feedback on Comodo Antispam, Comodo Antispam will be going through many changes in the next update. I am not sure on a date yet of the new version but hopefully it will be released sometime soon.