Unexplained taskbar items

For the last few months, as soon as I open Virtual Kiosk, the left-hand side of the taskbar shows the green Comodo menu button, which is immediately followed by a red Comodo icon with a blank label area to the right of it. This is then followed by another icon, looking like one-and-a-bit pages from a book: but again with a blank label area. No amount of left or right clicking on these icons elicits any response; they seem completely inert and a waste of space. What on earth are they? I would include an image: but can’t figure out how the ‘Insert Image’ button is supposed to work.

Hi Kevin king,

Please share your complete Windows OS details and CIS version you are using.

I would include an image: but can't figure out how the 'Insert Image' button is supposed to work.
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Hmm… Looks as if my first attachment attempt failed. Trying again…

I’m running Windows 10 Home, v.1803, installed 16/5/18, OS build 17134.165. Computer is Dell Inspiron 620, Intel i5-2320 CPU [at]3.00GHz, 8Gb RAM.

Comodo is CIS Premium version Database version 29401

Hi Kevin King,

Can you please check again after reset the container and still you can reproduce the issue.
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The left green icon should respond to a left click and show the controls for Virtual Desktop as shown

The red icon just shows you’re in VD with CIS and the third one is the Input Method Editor (additional language / keyboard settings) which you have installed

Thanks, Ploget - and also to you, PremJK. I was aware of the functionality of the green icon: but don’t see the point of the other two. However, you’ve set my mind at rest that it isn’t anything serious. I don’t like to reset the container without a good reason, as that causes me problems with my password manager: but I don’t ever recall a reset making these other icons go away ever since I first started seeing them.