Unexpected service response (ClientLogin response cookies...)


During trials of log in to Google account, which is required to sync bookmarks/settings I receive error: “Unexpected service response (ClientLogin response cookies didn’t contain an auth. code)”. In the same time the issue doesn’t occurre in Chrome.

Problem has started after re-installation of Windows and installation of the latest Dragon’s version.

I’ve already tried to contact Helpdesk twice, but they did absolutely nothing.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I’m also experiencing this situation.

Same situation since I changed my Google Password.

New Comodo Dragon v57.0.2987.92 released to fix this issue.

Works :slight_smile: :-TU

I am Chromodo Version and am having similar issues.

So far re-installing the browser had no effect and I have no problems in login to my Chrome account.

I’m on Windows 7

Looks like Chromodo is no longer supported and the last update was October last year. Now I’ve decided to remove Chromodo from my machine after not getting a response here from my last post. The Opera browser seems like a worthy replacement for Chromodo so not disappointed at all. Will likely to remove Comodo Dragon as well because I now feel I have no longer have trust in Comodo.